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Camlin + Jeffrey | Wavering Place Wedding

What a beautiful Wedding day that Camlin and Jeffrey had at Wavering Place! Perfect weather, perfect details, perfect couple! None of the girls had seen Camlin in her dress….so this was one special reveal! There’s nothing ...
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Camlin | Wavering Place Bridal Session

Camlin is my little Rain queen…We had to reschedule this session twice because of rain…and we ended up shooting this session IN the drizzling rain!!!! Luckily it was more of a mist, and Camlin was such ...
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Camlin + Jeffrey | Wavering Place engagement session

I met Camlin and Jeffrey last week at Wavering Place for their engagement session. ¬†We exchanged “air hugs” which has become the norm now in the wake of all the Coronavirus craziness, and then proceeded to ...
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