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This is my little family. Gordon and I have been married since 2002 and Coleman is currently in 5th grade ( but thinks he’s already grown).  We are usually hanging out at our house, grilling on the Traeger with friends, riding the four wheeler or golf cart or back and forth with Coleman’s endless sports! 

In March of 2022, we completed the build of our forever home on 28 acres in the country!   I tend to be a “hermit” at heart, and I absolutely love not having any close neighbors that I can see. Not to mention all of these gorgeous spots to shoot sessions!

My office and studio are also located in my home! 

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I love to entertain and to cook!  I think it’s fun to come up with new dishes and flavors ( except for that one apple and cream cheese stuffed chicken FAIL- my husband still laughs at that one- yuk!)  Also, I NEVER measure anything and I HATE recipes….so nothing is ever exactly the same twice! 

I watch every cooking show there is…and I even have my own IG account just for my food! 

Meet our Fur kids! 

Finnley is a liver and tan Mini Schnauzer…  and the resident BIG MOUTH in our house! I never knew such a small dog could bark SO much. But we love her (well I love her!)  She is my permanent shadow and sits all day with me in my office while I’m editing.  If you come over for a meeting or a studio session- I am sure you will HEAR her barking from her crate!

Tucker is a Springer-Doodle and is officially Coleman’s dog….although he spends all his time with me and Finn! He’s a good pup, but somewhat clumsy!



I love to capture people as naturally as possible.  I will never just put you in front of my camera and expect you to know exactly what to do. Instead, I am constantly talking you through our session as I am shooting. I will tell you when to move in closer, when to look at one another, where to put your hands and how to stand- and then you will do your own unique version of those things- resulting in loosely-posed, natural looking images that you will love! 

Why Choose Me?

Behind The Scenes On A Wedding Day

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In addition to being your Wedding  Photographer, you might also label me:

wedding party-wrangler
bouquet maker
keeper of the bobby pins /safty pins

and hopefully.... friend